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Hoglet Ideas/Requests

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Hoglet Ideas/Requests Empty Hoglet Ideas/Requests

Post by Razzamatazz on Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:27 am

Okay so alot of you might want a Hoglet of your own.. But you dont have anything to give to get one, so if you post your ideas we might use them for future Hoglet Litter Ideas.

Some rules:
Please no spam quoting stuff and saying "nice idea" is okay but I dont want nothing off-topic.
No Copywriting someone elses stuff e.g Harry Potter, Homer Simpson XD Those things are more custom-ish.
Finaly be nice no cursing or languge stuff like this may get you banned.

Please don't make other threads they will be deleted straight away.

Hoglet Ideas/Requests Image Fluffabel made by me Smile lines by the awesome Porridge Smile

Hoglet Ideas/Requests Image My fursona-Razz by chelso13 on Chicken Smoothie Smile

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