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Child Friendly language

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Child Friendly language Empty Child Friendly language

Post by Katiemeepers on Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:00 pm

On forums you MUST be apropiate do not post it if you wouldnt want a 13 year old reding it! and yes a 13 year old or younger could ask "Hey mommy whats that mean?" and then me or someone else would give you a warning
Examples of aprppiate language
.Drawings that have clothes they can be flat chected have VERY little detail when posting a nude drawing
.words like butt not the A word but butt is still a word that you shouldnt use
.Examples that are NOT apropiate
.Words like the A word, B word, S word, Even the C word should not be used
.Posting personal information NEVER DO THIS! if someone ask's you contact a admin RIGHT AWAY!
.Being rude or mean please do not hurt anyones fealings
.Naked detailed drawings please DONT!
So PLEASE be apropiate for our younger users

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Child Friendly language Tt7682380fltt
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