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Magic High ~An anime witch RP~

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Magic High ~An anime witch RP~ Empty Magic High ~An anime witch RP~

Post by Zookrates on Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:49 am

Welcome to MH,
the official school for witches and wizards
from Scotland.
Here they learn about magic,
magical creatures,
plants from their world,
and animals.

We really want you to come to our school as a teacher,
or a student.
Every are very welcome,
and we see forward to see you here.
We got three different classes,
and you will be plased in one of them.
Here is our classes;

Loch Ness
and Jacks

The Loch Nesses is silent, and weird.
They like reading,
and short walks in the wood.
They love secrets,
and are quite secretly themself.
They are also a bit shy, and love the night.

The Ragnaroks is mostly boys,
and are a masculine group.
They like to be active,
and love the nature.
They go at long trips.
They can also be naughty,
but is a good friend,
that can knock out your enemies

The Jacks are a feminine group,
that love fashion and glamour.
They are smart,
but not the best students...
Sure they are nice and calm,
but the may be a bit selfish...

So, are you a witch or a wizard?
Well, we will be really happy if you joined us.


Charrie Name:
Female or Male?:
(Any special magical powers?:)
Personality ( may be OP):
History (OP):

Hola there!

I see you looked at my siggy right ?
Well... This siggy is for now under construction,
But you can find me at Chickensmoothie.com with the same nickname ^_^
I really see forward to this site, and hope it will be awesome!
I'll say hello to Porridge that made those awesomesauce Hedgehogs (Sorry that I haven't have time to adopt something yet, I'll hope that will happend soon!)
I love the smilies btw, so much better then at CS!!

- Chao ~~ Hade!

elephant lol! elephant
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