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Porridge's Blogging

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Porridge's Blogging Empty Porridge's Blogging

hey guys
Yeah this will be my blog, have fun ^^


Colour of the day:


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My school is starting again, prepare for inactiveness Porridge's Blogging K3rkno
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Join date : 2011-09-20
Age : 20
Location : Australia


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Post on Tue Oct 11, 2011 3:01 am by Porridge

Mood: excited impatient and impatient
Why?: excited cause I'm waiting for my friend to tell me wether she accepted a guy who asked her out, that's also why I'm impatient
Activities: Seeing how long I can go on the Nyan cat song, 10hour version, full blast on my iPod, so far about 12 minutes, and I haven't screamed yet, this is also to pass time

Colour of the day: red
Song?: Nyan cat song
Book?: Ghost hunter from the chronicles of ancient darkness series
Food?: toffee

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Post on Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:00 am by Porridge

Mood: tired
Why?: I'm huungry
Activities: playing with the cat bell I attach to my school shirt for when I get bored in class

Colour of the day: pink
Song?: Se*y and I know it, LMFAO
Book?: Ghost hunter from the chronicles of ancient darkness series
Food?: energy drinks

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Post on Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:05 am by Porridge

Mood: tired and bored and quiet
Activities: lying on my bed, still wearing my school skirt, but a singlet instead of my shirt... Helping my friend with guy issues, long story can't make it short. Playing with pieces of paper in Maths today, (maybe eating some too...)

Colour of the day: Black, green and blue
Song?: Friday- Rebecca Black, Determinate- Cast of lemonade mouth
Book?: Ghost hunter- still reading it
Food?: jam and cream bun, soo sticky and nommy

Random thing I made today in Science class, while staring at the book I am reading

You are the ghost hunter
You make no sound
Your prey is oblivious
'till it goes down
Your fur is silver
Your teeth are pearls
In the battles you fight so light and quick
You twist, turn and twirl
Your senses are sharp
Your claws are too
And when the sun goes down
You welcome the moon
So remember this, ghost hunter
When your paws take flight
You are the wolf
You rule the night

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Post on Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:26 pm by Porridge

Mood: Bored
Why?: its a pupil free day today... Nothing to do
Activities: well, yesterday I washed a very smelly dog... My dog, Mooch, I had a water fight in the backyard, water guns, got soaked. Its getting hot in Australia, phew! Just realised I has some homework. Made chocolate crackles, Nom Nom

Colour of the day: green, blue and all calm colours
Song?: Mr Saxobeat- Alexandra Stan
Food?: Chocolate crackles

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Post on Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:32 am by Zookrates

HOT?! it's getting hot in Australia? Burr.... Its just getting colder here home in Norway (>m<)

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Post on Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:31 am by Porridge

Lol, I don't like summer, it's too hot and humid
Mood: confuzzled, frustrated, tired, annoyed nervous, and happy and excited
Why?: a guy asked me out I said yes, but he is really clingy, my friend got asked out on the same day, I got annoyed at my maths teacher and. One of my friends... I have been collecting 5 cent coins, and tonight I counted them, I have $9.60 in 5cents, yay me! I'm rich!
Activities: Sorting out my life, eating, I HAVE ART TOMORROW!

Colour of the day: rainbow (I'm so mixed up today)
Song?: Feel so close- Calvin Harris (I believe)
Book?: I doesn't have anything to read!
Food?: chocolate crackles and hot chips from the corner shop at school (omg so yum!)

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Post on Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:39 am by Zookrates

((What kind of book do you like to read :3 ?))

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Post on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:44 am by Porridge

((mostly fantasy, I've read warriors, the chronicles of ancient darkness, yeah stuff like that))

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Post on Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:16 am by Porridge

Mood: Happy, relieved, and awesome
Why?: cause I dumped a guy today, actually my friend did, im a little bit guilty because it was his birthday, but relieved cause he still wants to be friends
Activities: School (bleh) art! (I now have a black nose cause I put charcoal on it) annoying people on the bus home (I love meowing)

Colour of the day: RAINBOW
Song?: The despicable me theme song
Book?: Fruits Basket
Food?: Pie! My bestie's boyfriend let me have some of his pie :3 yay

Random: I wrote this the other day, I felt frustrated and sick, so I just started writing words

I sat, staring into nothing, yet staring into everything, staring into my mind, my thoughts, don't tell me I'm stupid, I'm not dumb, I know everything that happens in my head, I may not remember all but that's no reason to tease me, I'm not blonde, despite my hair colour, I'm not brainless, my life is the way I like it, me, my own, some people have no reason to accuse, when they have been wrong themselves, they say they are, smart, cute and fun, what's fun about someone who brings others spirit down with words that are plain and hurtful, they spend hours to dress to impress others when they really should impress themselves with themselves, they say they are smart, when most of them act like nothing is wrong with the world, no crime, no poverty, no cruelty, they hide from the truth, they don't believe in their own soul, they follow others without stopping to think of what they are doing, people need to open their eyes, just stop and stare, find out who they are and help others instead of following like a mindless zombie, 
Your life is your life, not anyone else's

I like it though

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Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:03 pm by Slyxia

Those are amazing ^^!

Keep up the Good Work!

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Post on Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:39 am by Porridge

Mood: An oh noes mood/happy/awesome
Why?: I has an assignment to do and i cant remeber when it needs to be in by. happy cause im always happy
Activities: school, swimming, we were playing water polo and someone in my class threw the ball and it hit me square in the face, i got a blood nose D: then 5 mins later some other guy got elbowed in the face and he got a blood nose too, which was really coinky dinky Very Happy

Colour of the day: RAINBOWS
Song?: 'Hangover' by Taio Cruz
Book?: City of Ashes from the mortal instruments series
Food?: chocolate milk Very Happy

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Post on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:19 pm by Porridge

Mood: AWESOMESAUCE! happy and sad faced
Why?: cause my bus broke down this morning, i was late for school, i finished a book, and im sad faced cause my boyfriend leaves school today D: and my Pop passed away last friday,
Activities: laughing at people on the bus cause they were worried about being late, resolving this by having an idea to bring a cow to school (i know, AWESOME aint it?) being awesome, and accidently losing all my notes on my ipod

Colour of the day: RAINBOWS
Song?: Jumpstart Very Happy
Food?: coco noms!

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Post on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:39 pm by coldandtired

Mood: hyper, and bit sad
Why?:bit sad due to my boyfriend leaving... sad face
Activities: laptops..school..sad

Colour of the day: Randomz
Song?:to many to find my fav
Book?: to many to find a fav
Food?: sugar

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