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Slyxia's Blog Empty Slyxia's Blog

Mood:Hungry,and bored.
Why?:I dunno.
Activities:Trying to get myself amused.

Colour of the day:Green,mixed with silver,producing metallic green.
Song?:No song.Most for me are boring,anyway.

Rawr =D

I wonder if I can post jokes here...

____________________________________________________________TRACEY:Ugh!What's this muck supposed to be?
STACEY:They call it cottage pie.
TACEY:Well,get the nurse,I thinkI've just eaten a window.
____________________________________________________________WARREN:I'll have the meat pie,please.
DINNER LADY:Anything with it?
WARREN:Well,if it's the same as usual,a hammer and chisel would come in handy.

I'm tired with jokes,what could I do to amuse myself...?
Little hoglet

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Post on Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:40 am by Porridge

You can be AWESOMESAUCE! Very Happy

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