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Post by coldandtired on Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:34 am

My love poem

You havent left my thoughts
i've been thinking of you since
Our love is a fairytale
You are the prince.

you always make me happy
i know you love me too
i know this love is real
This is one thats true.

you leave me here
all alone
without you beside me
i turn to stone

you whisper something
i need to hear
you leave on the 25th
my emotion turns to fear.

why do u have to go?
i need you that bad
you tell me you love me
now i am sad.

you let my hand go
everything disappears
i need you right now
i want you here.

i spend everyday
thinking about you
but i want u to no one thing
that is i love you.
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