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Zoo's art <3

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Zoo's art <3  Empty Zoo's art <3

Post by Zookrates on Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:24 pm

Sorry I will add more drawings soon <3

Check this link for more art:
Chickensmoothie Zookrates's gallery

Potato cat XD: Zoo's art <3  2cdxtop
Tiger sketch: Zoo's art <3  9suo3p
Pixel Stamp (Free to use for everybody!!) : Zoo's art <3  2mrtmch
Also, please look at my deviant art account ^_^ !
Clicky <3

Hola there!

I see you looked at my siggy right ?
Well... This siggy is for now under construction,
But you can find me at Chickensmoothie.com with the same nickname ^_^
I really see forward to this site, and hope it will be awesome!
I'll say hello to Porridge that made those awesomesauce Hedgehogs (Sorry that I haven't have time to adopt something yet, I'll hope that will happend soon!)
I love the smilies btw, so much better then at CS!!

- Chao ~~ Hade!

elephant lol! elephant
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